Sales Executive
Increasing sales revenue and market share


Relevant Skills

Revitalizing territories, Developing and implementing sales strategies and plans, Monitoring market and competitor activity

Expertise Summary
  • Lance is a dynamic, high-energy Sales Executive known for increasing revenue, market share, and revitalizing territories.
    • He was the President of Sales for a top boutique indoor cannabis producer for 5+ years.
    • He developed and implemented sales strategies/success-driven plans by organizing and maintaining sales operations.
  • Lance spearheaded campaigns to make the products available in over 200 dispensaries statewide, achieving $1,000,000 in monthly sales.
    • He always met quota and prides himself on consistently selling out of inventory every month.
    • He increased company revenue by 30% in year 1 and 50% in year 2 and found a sweet spot for product pricing based on market activity/product demand.
  • Lance worked very closely with the marketing team and monitored market and competitor activity very closely.
    • He led the marketing campaign, which included being featured in a music video for a legendary rapper and being featured in numerous songs/music videos by other musical artists.
  • In his 15 years of sales and customer service experience, Lance learned how to be an effective communicator and negotiator with a talent for handling problem accounts and promoting new business.
    • He managed a team of statewide sales reps/brand ambassadors, a packaging team, and delivery drivers.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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