Sales Manager
Developing operations models


Relevant Skills

Building full distribution model, Consumer-facing brand development, Doubling annual sales projections

Expertise Summary
  • Layla is an experienced Sales & Marketing Professional with 15+ years of experience in the California cannabis industry
    • She developed an in-depth knowledge of all components involved, from consumer-facing brand development, farm build-outs, to building a full distribution model. She also offers well-established relationships, resources, and insights into the industry.
  • Currently a Director of Sales, she developed the operations model for a burgeoning boutique distribution company. 
    • From writing the mission statement, implementing an inventory strategy, to managing every dispensary relationship, Layla has efficiently transitioned between various roles and strategies.
  • Layla possesses a consistently strong track record of sales–within the first two months, she exceeded anticipated sales numbers, doubling annual sales projections. As a daily record, she sold $90,000 in pre-rolls and eighths alone.
  • Layla’s business acumen, authenticity, and first-hand knowledge of the cannabis market allow her to be comfortable negotiating with small family farmers as well as corporate investors.
    • She approaches sales with integrity and strong principles. 
    • Layla strives to maintain high levels of standards for the company she represents and the cannabis market as a whole.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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