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Marketing Manager
Pop-ups, creating/managing displays and marketing materials

LillyCannabis Marketing Manager who's made commercials and billboards

Relevant Skills

Leading the marketing team, Cultivating nurturing relationships with major accounts, Managing a team of brand ambassadors

Expertise Summary
  • Lilly is an experienced marketing expert with a hefty background both in and out of the cannabis industry.
  • While working as Social Media Manager for one of the most exclusive dispensaries in Nevada, Lilly led the supporting marketing team and third-party content creators.
    • She ensured social media practices were compliant with both state and platform regulations.
    • She also directed the creation of major marketing assets such as local billboards and online commercials.
  • Lilly is an experienced retail merchandiser, working with well-known, household name companies to set up visually enticing in-store activations and point-of-purchase displays.
    • In these roles, she focused on cultivating nurturing relationships with major accounts and creating efficient communication practices amongst stakeholders in the company.
  • Lilly has also been out in the field for cannabis brands setting up pop-ups, managing displays and marketing material, and conducting client education.
    • Her leadership experience comes from managing a team of brand ambassadors and ensuring their BAs meet the needs of the sales team.
  • She graduated from the with a degree in Journalism.
    • Before that, she started nurturing her professional writing skills.

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