Director of Manufacturing
Manufacturing and product ideation


Relevant Skills

Optimizing manufacturing and operational processes, Developing a defined systematic process, Growing and scaling cannabis product programs

Expertise Summary
  • Louis is an award-winning cannabis expert who specializes in Product Ideation & Manufacturing.
    • He is a thoughtful leader dedicated to expanding knowledge and insight across the cannabis industry by creating educational opportunities that expand understanding and open dialogues.
    • Louis partners with executive teams to optimize manufacturing and operational processes to create pathways toward product ideation.
    • He is experienced in growing and scaling cannabis product programs from early-stage to mass production.
  • Louis increases business optimization streamlines and maximizes ROI timelines and projections by aligning product vision with compliance, supply chain, and logistical capabilities.
  • Louis helped establish a cannabis company as a top 5 brand in the largest cannabis market in the world.
    • He increased chocolate production from 1,000 bars/day to 12K bars/day by developing a defined systematic process.
    • Louis ideated cannabis popsicles, developing a methodology that allowed for optimized production and ensured product quality.
    • He also created one of the earliest to market micro-dose gummies, which was the first multi-flavor candy to arrive on the cannabis market.
  • Louis has won multiple cannabis awards and evolved his cannabis company’s manufacturing and development to more than 3x monthly output and sales.
  • He improved product quality and output by expanding product offering, reformulating recipes, and evolving packaging.
    • Louis also increased output while streamlining headcount and production time (37K units per month with 20 people to 125K units with 12 people).
    • He inserted cost controls for formulations and equipment that have reduced YOY expenses up to 80% on certain products–he evolved the in-store experience across all 17 locations.
  • Early in his career, Louis built, owned, and operated a fine dining restaurant with annual sales of $1.3 million, delivering an original upscale menu and specialty cocktail program.
    • He maintained food costs at 32% and labor costs at 21% and launched 3 international restaurant brands and venues, including construction, menus, and operations.

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