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Accounting & Business Professional
Financial modeling and analytics


Relevant Skills

Studying margins on all store categories, Developing executive dashboard with key metrics, Improving all accounting processes

Expertise Summary
  • Maddox is an Accounting and Business professional with 7 years of cannabis accounting experience and experience as a previous business owner. 
    • He’s knowledgeable in the “big picture” of a business’s finance department and is extremely experienced in Excel, Quickbooks, METRC, 280E, financial modeling, and analytics. 
  • At a cannabis company, Maddox analyzed flower yields by strain and environment to enable the grow team to optimize and increase their flower production by 28%. 
    • He studied margins on all store categories–by brand and individual SKUs–so corporate and store management could make better purchasing decisions. 
    • He also developed an executive dashboard with key metrics, including daily sales, average ticket, customer count, average grams sold, and price per gram.
  • Working on his own, Maddox improved all accounting processes at a cannabis company, as they rapidly grew from 4 medical stores to 9 medical and recreational stores.
  • As a previous co-owner and finance leader for his own company, Maddox provided analysis services for some of his largest clients with over $1M in budgets. 
    • He designed a custom process that saved his clients 3-4 days per month in CC reconciliation and allocating expenses to cost centers, departments, or jobs/employees.

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