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Director of Expansion
Lab buildout consulting to optimize compliance and process efficiency


Relevant Skills

Creating a new franchising model for a company, Setting up multiple satellite labs across various states, Improving equipment and processes through lab experiments

Expertise Summary
  • With 10+ years of experience in cannabis, Marco gained invaluable knowledge and insight into high-quality product development, production, distribution, marketing, expansion, and many other aspects specific to operating both the plant-touching and ancillary product sectors of the cannabis industry on a multi-state and international scale.
  • Beginning as an intern for a cannabis testing technology company, Marco quickly convinced the owner to let him create a new franchising model for the company.
    • He set up 12 satellite labs across multiple states and three other countries within 2 years.
  • The success of Marco’s network and lab operations led him to a partnership with a vape company.
    • He successfully built the first CO2 extraction company and major vaporizer distributor in the state, setting up the lab equipment, SOPs, and customer relations.
    • Within 1 year, he expanded the company overseas.
  • Operating cannabis processing facilities allowed Marco to see shortcomings in many equipment suppliers.
    • He created a research, design, and equipment distribution company that works directly with suppliers to tailor their equipment to better serve the industry.
  • Marco manages communication between multiple departments including, R&D, installation team, engineering, legal, marketing, and compliance.
    • His responsibilities include the following:
      • Facilitating lab experiments to improve equipment and processes
      • Regulatory research to ensure equipment compliance across multiple markets
      • Outreach to expand the company’s network of equipment manufacturers and research partners

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