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Graphic Designer
Product Marketing and Brand Development & Design

MariePassionate Graphic Designer with exceptional attention to details

Relevant Skills

Agile design, organized & detail-oriented, collaborative & communicative

Expertise Summary
  • Marie is a Graphic Designer with 10+ years of experience in the field and has worked on various projects ranging from creating brand worlds to packaging design.
    • She is passionate about creating beautiful and functional designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.
    • Marie is highly organized and detail-oriented, ensuring that all projects are completed on time and to the highest standards.
    • She is also an excellent communicator, working with clients to ensure their vision is realized.
  • Within the CBD space, Marie has experience working with start-up brands.
    • She worked on various projects with various CBD brands.
    • For these companies she designed anything the client requested, such as social media posts, packaging, and digital and marketing materials.
    • She was also in charge of designing projects from concept to completion, even creating her own die-lines for packaging projects, so they meet the clients’ satisfaction.
  • Her collaboration with a premier multinational consumer product brand with strict brand-guided design gave her the experience to work in a controlled design environment while designing eye-catching pieces.
    • She collaborated heavily with the marketing team, researching products and brands, discovering what works and what doesn’t, and identifying white space.
    • Marie presented her research and findings to the marketing department, which assisted them in creating brand new, innovative products for the consumer.
    • She also has experience in storytelling, creating personas and mood boards, and designing for each different personality.
  • As an agile designer, Marie worked at an accessories company, designing for multiple clients, juggling various design projects, and jumping between bath and beauty categories daily.
    • For each of these clients, she did her own copywriting and owned all her projects from concept to completion–all these projects had their own strict guidelines and restrictions she adhered to.

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