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Sales Manager

MindiExperienced Sales Manager with 10+ years of experience.

Relevant Skills

Cannabis cultivation, sales, accounts management

Expertise Summary
  • Mindi is an accomplished and dynamic Sales Manager with a remarkable track record of success within the cannabis industry
    • With a blend of approachability and determination, she has consistently proven her ability to secure and nurture accounts across diverse shops.
    • Backed by 10+ years of proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite and multiple CRM platforms, her expertise is unparalleled.
    • She also has experience cultivating cannabis, having spent time acquiring knowledge directly from industry experts.
  • During her time as Senior Territory Sales Manager at a cannabis business, Mindi exhibited her strategic sales prowess and her comprehensive understanding of the cultivation process.
    • Her achievements include rapidly securing 7 new accounts within a 2-week span and successfully introducing multiple brands throughout various stores.
  • During her tenure as Sales Manager at a cannabis company, Mindi’s dedication to excellence was evident in her accounts management in competitive territories.
    • Her extensive familiarity with genetics equipped her to handle various challenges during the cultivation process, from mites to mold.
    • This unique combination of sales expertise and cultivation insight has contributed to her consistently exceeding expectations and achieving impressive sales figures.
  • Mindi’s experience extends beyond sales, demonstrated through her collaboration with an agriculture business.
    • Spending quality time with the head cultivator gave her an in-depth understanding of light depth cultivation and sustaining specific genetics.
    • This experience has further enriched her knowledge, allowing her to forge deeper connections within the cannabis community and enhance her ability to cater to the unique needs of different dispensaries.
  • Mindi’s academic background is distinguished with Bachelor’s Degrees in Communication Studies and Psychology, complemented by minors in Political Science and English Literature from Texas State University-San Marcos.
    • Her commitment to excellence is evident in her consistent appearances on the Dean’s List.
    • Her dedication shows through her founding of an alliance that focuses on river clean-ups and pollution awareness and her involvement in initiatives like the Senior Cannabis Education program.
  • Mindi’s remarkable blend of sales expertise and in-depth cultivation knowledge makes her a standout Sales Manager within the cannabis industry.
    • Her ability to bridge sales strategies with cultivation insights ensures her effectiveness in building strong relationships, expanding market presence, and driving revenue growth.

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