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Senior Sales Representative
Sales and Marketing

NaryssaForward-thinking Sr. Sales Rep passionate about cannabis

Relevant Skills

Building long-term customer relationships, determining target segments, communication and negotiation

Expertise Summary
  • Naryssa is an accomplished Sales Representative with 17+ years of success increasing profits in the Wine & Spirit industry, selling national and boutique brands.
    • She is a developer of long-term customer-centric relationships, and an honest communicator and negotiator.
    • She understands the New York market, is an expert at product placement, determining target segments, and fulfilling customer and distributor needs–such as sales forecasting, KPI tracking/fulfillment of over 3K SKUs, and creating monthly bonus programs with upper management and suppliers.
  • Her knowledge of cannabis is extensive having taken New York state’s 7-part Pharmacological Course (required by Pharmacists working in all dispensaries) and university cannabis courses.
    • She also studied cannabis economics written by experts, such as Steve D’Angelo, Daniel Sumner, and Robin Goldstein from USC Davis.
  • Because the cannabis industry is mirroring the Wine & Spirit industry, Naryssa brings valuable knowledge and experience in maneuvering through the many challenges in the future of the market.
  • Naryssa has always managed 100+ NYC accounts with the advantage of leveraging which products work best in each community.
    • She has a great passion for the cannabis plant and has prepared herself to be a part of its history.

2022 Tri-State Cannabis Salary Guide

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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