VP of Manufacturing
Reducing operating expenses and eliminating overhead terminals


Relevant Skills

Managing P&Ls, Developing a high-quality, affordable brand, Getting patents

Expertise Summary
  • Natalia has extensive experience as a leader in food and pharmacy manufacturing and 3 years of cannabis experience, holding titles such as VP of Manufacturing and CEO.
    • She brings strong principles in food safety, HACCP, and GMPs to the front line and is boots on the ground with her team.
    • She is open to relocating anywhere.
  • Natalia managed P&Ls, and her biggest achievement was at a shipping/trucking company where she saved the organization $6M in operating expenses by creating a cross-docking model for trucking networks that eliminated overhead terminals.
  • Natalia developed an entire brand based on high-quality, micro-dosed edibles that were affordable.
    • This included single-serve 10mg chocolates to multi-serve panned items.
    • One of the high-quality chocolates was produced for $0.60.
    • The line did very well as an impulse buy stocked at the register.
  • One of Natalia’s most fun achievements was creating and getting a patent for a popular American candy.
  • Natalia had an opportunity to represent her brand through a pop-up.
    • She formulated and developed a personal care product containing CBD (first-ever)–they made a limited amount for the event, and it sold out within 4 days.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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