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Head of Manufacturing
Manufacturing and Product Development

NoahDynamic Head of Manufacturing with 15+ years in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Developing strategic sales strategies, manufacturing multiple products, scaling production

Expertise Summary
  • Noah is a dynamic Head of Manufacturing with 15+ years of history in the cannabis industry that includes cultivation, management, and distribution.
    • He is a strong operations management professional skilled in manufacturing multiple products, scaling production and leading employees through the challenges of continuous growth.
  • As the Head of Manufacturing for one of the largest cannabis producers, Noah oversaw the build-out of finished goods manufacturing and packaging in a 35K sq. ft. facility while streamlining cost-effective systems.
    • He also managed the schedules, demand planning, and operational initiatives to drive a large-scale 1.7 million sq. ft. canopy and 40 acres under glass operation.
  • As the General Manager of another cannabis company, Noah spent 2 years successfully building a team from the ground up due to the quality of relationships he kept over the years.
    • He managed all operational facets of the business with full P&L responsibility to become the #1 premium flower brand, taking 1st place in all 4 flower categories.
    • He consistently hit EBITDA margins of over 50% every month with smart business decisions.
  • Noah spent 2 years leading a cannabis operations team by creating SOPs, managing line supervisors, and developing strategic sales strategies.
    • He works closely with engineers and gained vast knowledge of automated equipment and machines.
    • He understands all the components of each piece and how they operate, allowing him to support the operators when troubleshooting is required.
    • This saves tens of thousands of dollars each year in engineering fees for onsite visits for servicing and training.
  • Noah successfully helped design and open operations for several facilities across multiple locations.
    • He worked closely with architects and engineers on power requirements, HVAC needs, plumbing infrastructure, production flow and other extremely complex details of production facility design.
    • He can work on expansion plans for new builds while simultaneously managing operations of current facilities.
  • Noah prides himself on having a high employee retention rate.
    • He works side-by-side with managers and supervisors daily to support them and their teams.
    • Noah understands daily operations and the cultures of all departments are instrumental in providing each individual employee with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth each day.

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