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Cultivation Manager
Irrigation drench, foliar sprayed pesticide, and pest prevention solution


Relevant Skills

Researching and developing new IPM programs, Managing, educating, and supervising team members, Creating beneficial environment for workers and plants

Expertise Summary
  • Orlin is an IPM/Cultivation Manager that has spent the past 4 years as a licensed pesticide applicator.
    • He is proficient in irrigation drench (manually applied), foliar sprayed pesticide, and pest prevention solutions.
    • He is working toward a best practice of low impact to plant and environment with a low cost to the facility.
    • He is currently researching and developing new IPM programs with the expanding market and has trained several team members in IPM standards and practices, leading to the eradication of several different pests in his current organization.
  • Orlin’s 4 years of cannabis cultivation focused on a 10,000 square foot indoor grow facility with an additional 8,000 square feet of full vertical integration (i.e. packaging, extraction, and distribution).
    • He works closely with all departments, management, and investors to ensure day-to-day procedures and standards are held to the highest standard.
    • Orlin is comfortable with managing, educating, and supervising team members on all aspects of plant propagation, maintaining state compliance, and best cleanliness practices.
    • He has a strong passion for team building and communication to create a beneficial environment for both workers and plants.
  • Working with LED and HPS lighting systems and several different nutrient systems, Orlin strives for the most environmentally conscientious growing style and applications with the best result for the plants.
    • His ideal facility would be an indoor/outdoor production capable of genetic testing and furthered research into best practices in improving the environmental impact of the cannabis industry.
    • Orlin’s goal is to make the facility he’s partnered with as cost-effective and as high-producing as possible while adapting to changes in the industry to always stay ahead of the curve.

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