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Brand Leader
Marketing, media, PR, social, and partnerships

PaulieA unique cannabis marketing talent with a high brand building IQ

Relevant Skills

Helping brands build a community of influencers, Building key brands, Fostering partnerships with brands

Expertise Summary
  • Paulie is a passionate Brand Leader with 10+ years of experience in marketing, media, PR, social, content, influencers, and partnerships for cannabis, tech, and apparel brands.
    • He has found a sweet spot in helping brands build a community of influence around their core to reach new consumer targets, increase brand affinity, and turn existing consumers into advocates.
    • His experience includes scaling into multi-state and international markets.
  • Paulie has a track record of building key brand, content, and consumer partnerships via transparent and passionate communication, and embodying the spirit of the brand in every interaction.
    • He has fostered partnerships with premier and household name brands.
    • He also fostered partnerships with countless athletes, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and celebrity influencers.
  • Paulie has extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry, products, and community and a passion for the plant.
    • He has hundreds upon hundreds of connections within the industry both nationally and from building 100+ relationships with brands, retailers, cultivators, and industry staff while consulting over the last 2 months.
  • Paulie’s leadership style is that of a player-coach.
    • He is creative with an analytical approach.

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