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Director of Sales
Sales leadership and management

PeterDirector of Sales with a diverse background in SaaS

Relevant Skills

Extremely knowledgeable with employee management, establishing meaningful client relationships, developing sales people

Expertise Summary
  • Peter is a passionate sales leader with a diverse background in SaaS who co-founded and successfully exited a viral sensation in the cannabis space of which he is still an industry leader. 
  • Peter has met great success as a Sales Manager & Director at multiple companies, including 2 high octane sales engines acquired in the past with all the materials from 30-60-90 plans to every script imaginable (closed lost-winback) in his possession. 
  • Peter has consistently surpassed monthly, quarterly and yearly goals in his sales leadership career. 
    • From multi-million ARR producing franchise accounts to building up a French ad tech platform from zero presence in the US to profitability/scaling.  
    • He has managed teams of 10-20 outbound focused reps to exceed daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance goals/KPIs over 5 years. 
  • Peter is extremely knowledgeable with employee management and Sales/CS management software – from Workday/Gusto/ADP to Saleforce/Hubspot.  
    • He has experience with utilizing and optimizing all of the tools most growing organizations need to leverage.  
  • With a diverse professional background, Peter’s driving goal has always been to develop sales people, establish meaningful client relationships, and surpass expectations with clients or goals in any capacity. 
  • Peter believes that persistence and the development of conversational selling can be applied to all industries and has been the backbone of his career. 
    • He is seeking opportunities where he can bridge the gap between the established SaaS industry successes and the booming cannabis industry.  

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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