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Compliance Manager
Helping expand the retail footprint of stores


Relevant Skills

Implementing track-and-trace compliance (METRC), Mitigating supply chain risk, Reducing regulatory compliance testing cost

Expertise Summary
  • Quinn is passionate about the cannabis plant and its potential to impact our society for the better. He has always believed that cannabis is the “healing of the nation” and is both excited and grateful every day to have the opportunity to help shape our commercial cannabis industry.
    • He is a certified expert in commercial cannabis and believes that learning never stops.
  • Quinn helped expand a premier cannabis company’s retail footprint from 4 stores to 10 stores by performing due diligence in each jurisdiction and on each business acquisition.
    • He also supported operations with bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly travel after turnover.
    • He played an integral role in their acquisition of a micro-business license, launching their state-wide delivery service and mitigating $50,000 in penalties by leveraging relationships he developed with local regulators.
  • Quinn implemented track-and-trace compliance (METRC) across 3 licensed commercial cannabis activities and 17 licenses at another cannabis organization, including cultivation, retail, and distribution operations.
    • He helped expand their retail footprint from 1 store to 10 across the state.
  • Quinn currently works at one of the largest distributors, providing compliance leadership for cannabis supply chains, as well as their suppliers, customers, and vendors.
    • In his current role, he reduced regulatory compliance testing costs for suppliers by over 60% while mitigating supply chain risk and regulatory risk to the business by creating a preferred laboratory testing program.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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