VP of Cultivation
Large-scale agriculture operations and consulting for indoor grows


Relevant Skills

Operating traditional large-scale agriculture , Overseeing retrofit and re-design of facilities and outdoor greenhouses, Working in a plant pathology lab

Expertise Summary
  • Quinten has 20+ years of cannabis cultivation experience.
    • He has overseen the retrofit and re-design of several extensive production facilities and outdoor greenhouses and has experience with several different media, including rockwool, coco soil, and expanded clay pellets.
    • He has experience with traditional large-scale agriculture operations consisting of 7,500+ acres across several states.
  • Quinten has held positions at several different levels of cannabis production. To get his foot in the door of the industry, he took a position as an entry-level tech and briefly worked for one of the largest hemp companies in the country.
  • Most recently, Quinten was the Vice President of Cultivation for one of the most extensive indoor facilities.
    • He oversaw an 85,000 square-foot indoor production facility, producing ~1000 pounds of cannabis a month, and managed 50 employees.
  • Quinten also consults for several indoor grows using his extensive knowledge of IPM to help maintain the cleanest environment for his clients.
    • He has extensive knowledge of all products available for use with cannabis and their interactions.
    • Over the years, he has also established good relationships with several predator insect suppliers.
  • Quinten graduated from the University of Kentucky, where he received a degree in agriculture biotechnology.
    • He spent several years in a plant pathology lab working with rice blast fungus. Recently, the lab work he did in college was published in a premier genetics journal.

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