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Director of Construction
Design and construction for cannabis and commercial industries

RaymondDesign and construction expert with over 10 years of experience

Relevant Skills

Managing diverse projects, leading diverse technical teams, budgeting and forecasting

Expertise Summary
  • Raymond has 15 years of experience in design and construction, managing complex projects, leading diverse technical teams, and providing staff supervision in both the realms of cannabis and commercial industries.  
  • Raymond worked as the Director of Design & Construction for several cannabis companies, including a multi-state cannabis cultivator, processor, manufacturer, and distributor. 
    • His responsibilities included design, budgeting/forecasting, project and risk management, preconstruction and bidding, and construction management for all sizes of Industrial Grower/Processor Facilities (largest: 225,000 sq. ft.; smallest: 17,000 sq. ft.) and Dispensaries.  
  • With a Master of Architecture and Urban Planning and advanced degrees in the sciences, Raymond is an expert in the integration of all systems in a G/P facility: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, building management, fire protection, cultivation lighting, CO2 enhancement, fertigation, harvest, extraction and processing, packaging, and GMP interior finishes.  
    • He oversaw the new and remodeled construction of 18 Industrial Grower/Processor Facilities in CO, IL, MA, NV, OH, PA, VA, & Canada.  
    • He has a comprehensive knowledge of workflow design, construction methodologies, and project development, encompassing all phases of construction from conceptualization to close-out.  
  • Raymond has achieved increased production, efficiency, and greater profitability by improving equipment, workflow, and facility function.  
    • As part of his efforts, he established measurable repeatability for companies by creating organization-wide standards for design and operations.  
    • He initiates procedural policies for lifecycle maintenance and incorporates CIP into the process of design and construction–he encourages this view among his Project Managers.  
  • Raymond’s expertise also includes other commercial building types, including industrial, food & beverage facilities, research/healthcare laboratories, greenhouses, commercial kitchens, warehouses, retail shopping centers, administrative offices, schools, fire stations, and transportation centers.  
    • Additionally, his direct experience in laboratories provides him with insight into the protocols and needs of laboratory end-users.  

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