Cannabis Lawyer
Regulatory process & securing cannabis licenses


Relevant Skills

Assisting in license applications, Creating sustainable business plans, Decreasing cultivation/plant cost

Expertise Summary
  • Roland is a passionate and experienced Cannabis Lawyer with 5 years of industry experience.
    • He successfully assisted dozens of early-stage canna-businesses and entrepreneurs in understanding the complete regulatory process involved in the Michigan medical cannabis market.
  • Roland built 20+ comprehensive business proposals to help potential licensees save time and money when navigating the process to secure licensing. 
    • He created 10+ sustainable business plans for cannabis business startups with various licensed business models in the U.S. medical cannabis industry. 
    • Additionally, he assisted 5 different canna-business teams in completing and submitting their license applications.
    • Roland completed a municipal application for an existing dispensary preparing for state licensing in under two weeks.
  • At a hemp company, Roland completed two harvest seasons as a dual-licensed Hemp Cultivator and Processor while managing a 4x scale of various hemp strains (Year 1: 100+ plants of two hemp strains; Year 2: 400+ of top-rated hemp strains). 
    • He also researched and developed 10+ individually finished hemp CBD products ranging from hemp flower, pre-rolls, body salves, and CBD oil capsules.
  • Additionally, he decreased the cost of cultivation/plant by 64% on a year over year basis at the hemp company.


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