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Operations Leader
Operations and Management

SadiExperienced Operational Leader with a passion for learning

Relevant Skills

Providing strategic learning and development direction, creating professional growth opportunities, facilitating training programs

Expertise Summary
  • Sadi is an experienced Operational Leader with a passion for learning and development, excelling in providing strategic learning and development direction for the organization to drive results, all while exemplifying and executing the company’s values and culture.
    • She is passionate about using L&D to create personal and professional growth opportunities for her employees.
    • When employees feel they are learning skills they can take outside of the job she feels most fulfilled.
    • What she enjoys most about her L&D career is creating role-based career pathing, implementing high potential talent identification processes, partnering with operations to create consistency between markets, and creating leadership development courses.
  • Sadi created and facilitated a “train the trainer” development program for a premier cannabis company attended by 45 hourly associates, leads, and managers with an internal NPS of 9.3 and a pass rate of 85%.
  • As a Director of Training, Sadi implemented a high-potential identification process, which resulted in filling 5 out of 6 leadership roles internally.
  • Sadi completed gap analysis and redesigned employee skill assessments with HR to align with new job roles, followed by re-certification of tasks by role.
    • She saw a 25% decrease in performance-based writeups in the first 60 days.
    • She also created a 180-hour training program for franchisees, focusing on business acumen, operations, cannabis knowledge, and service standards.
  • Sadi implemented a New Store Opening Task Timeline for cross-functional department tracking, reducing the number of NSO calls/meetings to once per week as a National Training Director for another top cannabis company.
    • She created a Manager in Training program, leading to an internal promotion rate of 85% for AGMs and GMs across all markets.
  • Sadi built the L&D department from scratch, including a new restaurant opening program, internal and external leadership development, certified trainers, and training stores.

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