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Marketing Strategist
Driving signficant growth and profitability

Sammuel Marketing strategist with B2B, B2C, and SaaS experience

Relevant Skills

Developing content programs , delivering measurable results , launching e-commerce platforms

Expertise Summary
  • Sammuel is an accomplished marketing strategist and team builder with 20+ years of experience driving significant growth and profitability across B2B, B2C, and SaaS landscapes. 
    • He has a proven track record of delivering measurable results: 40% increase in marketing ROI, 30% audience growth, and reaching a new business acquisition high-water mark. 
  • Sammuel developed highly effective content programs leading to double-digit organic traffic and led growth at 2 companies. 
  • While at an author services platform company, Sammuel built and implemented marketing technology infrastructure, including developing a custom CDP, implementation of HubSpot, integrations with Salesforce, and transition to GA4. 
  • Sammuel has experience with cross-functional collaboration: effectively aligned marketing, sales, product, and data teams for optimized results through the effective use of cross functional teams, shared KPIs and organizational OKRs. 
    • He also has experience with customer-centric approach: Sammuel launched successful ecommerce platforms and improved in-house tools for enhanced customer experience for several companies.  
  • An example of his innovation and market awareness: launched a new AI product with 18k+ trial users and identified and capitalized on new digital channels. 
  • Sammuel has a variety of skills including the following: 
    • Strategic Marketing: budget development, lead generation, audience development, channel management, competitive analysis. 
    • Content Marketing: strategy, development, execution, SEO, and performance analysis. 
    • Marketing Technology: HubSpot, Salesforce, Google 360, GA4, CDPs, Marketing Automation, E-commerce Platforms 
    • Data Analysis: marketing KPIs, ROI optimization, reporting, insights generation. 
    • Leadership and Mentorship: team building, coaching, cross-functional collaboration, goal setting, performance management 

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