Operations Leader
Extraction and manufacturing


Relevant Skills

Designing, sourcing, and managing new packaging for vape cartridges, Establishing marketing and merchandising campaign , Building out hemp processing lab

Expertise Summary
  • Sammy is a dual-degree graduate and a proven Cannabis Operations Leader, specializing in extraction and manufacturing.
    • During his 5 years in the cannabis/hemp industry, he was an essential member of several cannabis companies.
    • Most recently, he was a Director of Operations that led a cannabis company to be a premier contender in the market.
  • Sammy ushered in the live resin movement to a medical cannabis market, introducing 3 new SKUs to the market.
    • He received multiple awards and featured articles for live resin vapes and live concentrates.
  • Sammy was able to increase dispensary outlets from 76 to 100 and average order size by 43%, surpassing revenue goals.
    • Monthly revenue also increased from $220K to $680K.
    • He finished 2021 with $8M+ on a $3M operating budget, running on 167% capacity utilization.
  • Sammy controlled a supply chain and formed strategic relationships to slash biomass sourcing costs by 45%, improving overall site EBITDA by over 15%.
    • He designed, sourced, and managed new packaging for vape cartridges, RSO, and live concentrates that were later adopted nationwide by the cannabis company due to fewer touchpoints and 32%+ savings on unit price.
    • Also, he remedied an underperforming site with 50+ non-conformances to just 3 in 3 months.
    • He expanded operations into adjacent suites, personally picked and developed an entirely green team (increased from 10 to 25), and all mid-to senior-level staff reporting to him were organic internal promotions.
  • Sammy championed and directed community outreach initiatives positively impacting hundreds.
    • He partnered with corporate brand teams to establish a cannabis company’s marketing and merchandising campaigns to increase brand recognition.
  • During his time with a pharmaceutical company, Sammy successfully built out a hemp processing lab in less than 9 months–in time for farmers’ hemp harvests.
    • He was also a key member of extraction and manufacturing operations with another cannabis organization, with a successful launch of medicinals that won several awards.

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