Dispensary GM
Increasing average sales totals and customer loyalty percentages


Relevant Skills

Maximizing sales and product knowledge for associates, Recruiting and onboarding full teams, Implementing policies and procedures

Expertise Summary
  • Selene is a professional cannabis Retail Manager with an amazing personality.
    • Having run a successful retail store for multiple years, Selene has created and implemented training initiatives aimed at maximizing sales and product knowledge for associates using culture-building practices and incentivized timetables.
    • These practices have increased average sales totals and customer loyalty percentages.
  • Selene has been responsible for recruiting and onboarding full teams for the retail store she managed.
    • This includes creating job postings, interviewing, and training teams for seasonal and part-time positions within the company, and creating full schedules for every position in a store, including major retail holidays (e.g. Black Friday).
  • Currently, Selene is an Assistant Manager at a well-known cannabis dispensary–she oversees and completes all day-to-day tasks for reception, bud tending, inventory, and management.
    • She utilizes her training knowledge and a variety of checklists to hold each department to the highest standard in customer service.
  • Selene started at a cannabis dispensary with a variety of cultural issues and a lack of determination from associates.
    • Within 6 months, she was able to take part in overseeing a successful rollout of 10 different policies and procedures– including disciplinary policies–while also boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.
    • She implemented 2 daily gratitude tasks that noticeably boosted morale throughout the team.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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