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Regional Sales Manager
Sales and Retail Management

ShannonHardworking Regional Sales Manager eager to evolve with the industry

Relevant Skills

Emotional intelligence and strategic thinking, building vendor relaitionships, data-driven analysis

Expertise Summary
  • Shannon is a hardworking, kind, and morally driven professional with diverse skills in retail management, sales, and purchasing.
    • She leads all her efforts with high-level emotional intelligence and strategic thinking.
    • As a lifelong learner, she is committed to building her knowledge of cannabis products, business, and culture.
  • Shannon worked in the cannabis industry for 2 years and managed purchasing and allocations for the MA and NJ markets.
    • She has built relationships with vendors across both states and is familiar with generating mutually beneficial strategies for long-term success.
    • Using data-driven analysis, she has curated recreational and medical menus of 150-250 SKUs per location (5 locations total).
    • She managed full lifecycles of products, including promotions & exit strategies.
  • Shannon has a proven track record in the success of dispensary operations, creating SOPs, KPI reporting, inventory management, and state compliance.
  • With an entrepreneurial mindset and endless curiosity, Shannon is eager and capable of diving into new opportunities in the cannabis space where she can utilize her skills and challenge herself as the industry evolves.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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