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Director of Operations
Ensuring product consistency across multiple locations


Relevant Skills

Designing an organizational structure, Increasing safety, reliability, and quality, Initiating monthly safety and quality training

Expertise Summary
  • Sofia is an experienced manufacturing management professional that has successfully led organizations within several Fortune 500 companies to increased safety, reliability, quality, and cost results.
  • Within 2 months as the Director of Operations with a cannabis organization, Sofia established partnerships with equipment vendors to allow for an efficient study of CO2, ethanol, and hydrocarbon methodologies to provide vendors with necessary feedback for equipment modifications needed to support a full-scale facility.
    • She built an extraction process complete with custom, fabricated equipment that allows for a capacity of 3,000+ kg per week and designed a facility layout for OSHA and sanitation requirements.
  • Sofia designed an organizational structure and process that continuously trains, develops, and evaluates the staff and leadership in the process of extraction and troubleshooting while also providing the necessary documentation needed for regulatory product traceability from farm to CBD distillate/isolate phase, preparing for coming FDA regulations as well as ISO certification.
    • She works with several vendors to determine the right system needed for production tracking, raw material/finished goods inventory, and procurement.
    • Sofia is accountable for the site’s P&L creation and tracking.
    • Along with process training, she initiated monthly safety and quality training.
  • Sofia is skilled in platform strategy planning and management to ensure that product consistency can be maintained across multiple production locations.
    • She is preparing the staff at each site to progress, allowing for 80%+ of calibration, mechanical troubleshooting, and resolution to be done in-house.

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