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Agriculture Executive
Overseeing cannabis grow facilities


Relevant Skills

Developing and implementing data-driven Analytical Harvest Index, Reducing input cost , Executing internal controls

Expertise Summary
  • Steve is an experienced agricultural executive who is “boots on the ground,” team-oriented, and has a functional coaching style to create a collaborative environment for his people.
    • His management experience has helped to create boundaries and accountabilities for teams while eliminating complexity.
    • With 20 years in the agriculture space, Steve’s experience and leadership have been instrumental in developing and delivering business solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving consistent revenue and profit growth.
  • As EVP of Farming Operations, Steve was responsible for 2 different cannabis grow facilities with a combined canopy space of 375,000 sq ft. with an additional 23,000 sq. ft. of nursery space.
  • Steve also managed 4 geographically diverse processing hops facilities (one that was certified organic)–all include harvest, drying, further processing, and packaging activities for 3,800+ acres of high-value crops.
  • Steve developed and implemented a data-driven “Analytical Harvest Index” for the hops industry that delivered a consistent method for identifying key components to maximize yield and improve quality while defining a narrow harvest window.
  • In both cannabis and hops, Steve provided a strategic selection of varieties/strains that emphasized genetic strengths as it applies to location, growing environments, soil composition, and market demand.
    • While there was a reduction in total tonnage, the reduction of input cost, improved quality, increase in processing throughout, and added market value led to an increase in net revenue of 23%.
    • He also designed on-farm processing that eliminated dependency on third-party providers. Internal control led to improved quality, higher margins, expanded product offerings, and increased response to market changes–8-year change from $16M to $50M in gross revenue.

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