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General Manager

TamiaProven General Manager with 5+ years experience

Relevant Skills

Management, sales, community outreach

Expertise Summary
  • Tamia is a market leader and award-winner who led a state’s largest MMJ dispensary, surpassing projections by $5 million.  
    • She also led her team to achieve a national award within the first year of operations, showcasing exceptional leadership and operational expertise. 
  • Tamia displayed operational excellence by successfully managing 40 employees and overseeing all aspects of operations and compliance for a 10,000 sq. ft. MMJ dispensary with 9 POS stations. 
    • She achieved noteworthy growth and success, including tripling initial sales projections by building a strong, personable, and educated team, nurturing relationships with vendors, state agents and doctors, and creating efficient and effective processes/SOPs to maintain a daily growth plan within their internal structure and abiding by the regulations set forth by the state board of pharmacy.  
    • All this while maintaining a healthy environment for their patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • Tamia is experienced in community engagement and patient & education advocacy. 
    • As a Community Outreach Coordinator, she assisted over 6,000 patients in obtaining medical marijuana cards for approved conditions.  
    • She also led monthly seminars on medical marijuana education, contributing to patient access and well-being for this newly available medicine.  
  • Tamia was also invited as a Guest Lecturer at The University of Cincinnati, making a positive impact on future cannabis professionals.  
    • As she continues to elevate and grow, she always gives back to anyone willing to learn.  
  • Tamia is a TEDx Speaker & Thought Leader. 
    • She presented her journey with cannabis, showcasing her resilience and dedication to achieving her own personal success story. 


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