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Director of Cultivation
Managing indoor and greenhouse operations


Relevant Skills

Increasing rooting rates, Detecting and managing pests, Managing propagation, cloning, and watering

Expertise Summary
  • Thandie applies her decades of knowledge to developing a cultivation facility that produces quality cannabis and high yields.
    • She has developed SOPs with tried and true results in propagation, increasing rooting rates at 2 separate facilities to over 95% rooting success.
    • She has a sophisticated understanding of plant physiology, and a honed ability to read crops and determine plant environmental and nutritional needs. 
  • At a cannabis company, she works on being an approachable manager, garnering a culture of inclusivity, respect, curiosity, and learning, ensuring employees grow. 
    • Employees under Thandie have flourished into hard-working teams, caring for 120,000 clones at any given time and introducing 28K-34K clones into propagation weekly.
  • Thandie shepherded hundreds of crops from seed to harvest, managing both indoor and greenhouse operations. 
    • Her ability to detect and manage pests via IPM curtailed many seasonal pests and assisted in deterring infestations at both a 30,000 sq. ft greenhouse facility and a 15,000 sq. ft indoor propagation area.
    • She performed all cultivation tracking and recordkeeping functions within the seed-to-sale electronic system in a compliant manner.
  • Thandie is well-rounded in all aspects of grow room operations including systems, installation, climate control, and preventative maintenance to eliminate all types of mold, powdery mildew, and pests. 
    • She oversaw all phases of production including cloning, propagation, and watering.

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