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Director of Cultivation
Crop production, growing environments, nutrition, and fertility management


Relevant Skills

Developing and executing advanced irrigation strategies, Creating a detailed crop schedule, Consulting on design/build cultivation projects

Expertise Summary
  • Tim is an experienced Director of Cultivation, and has 5+ years of legal cannabis industry experience in tightly regulated midwestern markets, working for highly successful companies.
    • He has a horticulture science degree with a focus on all aspects of crop production, including design considerations, growing environments, nutrition, and fertility management.
    • Tim has 9 years of experience working in commercial horticulture/plant production environments and assisted and consulted on various design/build projects for cultivation facilities.
    • He’s worked with ownership, general contractors, engineers, consultants, project managers, investors, and other key stakeholders of the company/projects.
  • Tim has strong familiarity and adaptability with various computer software, including seed-to-sale compliance tracking (Biotrack THC).
    • He also has a strong familiarity working with various production systems and media types, including peat moss, coco, Rockwool, hydroponics, and organic soils.
    • Tim is extremely proficient in climate manipulation equipment for indoor facilities and developing and executing advanced irrigation strategies as deployment methods of “crop steering.”
  • Tim was one of the very first growers hired at a premier cannabis company.
    • He helped execute a vision for long-term business success and viability while moving up the ranks to management.
  • Tim came into a struggling cannabis company, set a cultivation strategy and vision, trained, and hired key talent, eradicated all pest populations, increased yields by 250%, and paid off their first grow building in less than a year of operation.
    • He achieved best-in-class yields, potencies, QA testing success, and related cultivation KPIs.
  • Tim excels with creating and adhering to a detailed crop schedule, budget forecasting, and staffing models.
    • He has formulated great vendor relations with some of the biggest and most highly respected companies and suppliers in the industry.
    • He’s been responsible for the build-out of various tools and methods for performing large-scale pheno hunt, breeding projects, and evaluations.
    • Tim has also built out business intelligence tools to make decisions to maximize cultivation business success and profitability.

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