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Cultivation Manager
Production flow, department set up, and data tracking

TristanCultivation Manager skilled with setting up state-mandated tracking systems

Relevant Skills

Creating and implementing SOPs, Planning the plant work schedule, Training managers and supervisors

Expertise Summary
  • Tristan is an experienced Cultivation Manager–he has completed facility set up from the application process, wrote SOPs to meet states requirements and production needs, handled the department set up, managed how production would flow throughout the department, created signs and logs for data tracking purposes, and received initial plant stock to start production for cultivation.
    • He also has experience with setting up state-mandated tracking systems with initial stock and getting everyone trained in that system, hiring for management, orientation, and hands-on training between states.
  • Tristan has created and implemented the SOPs for propagation/veg for the whole company since inception.
    • His responsibilities include planning the plant work schedule, how/when to transplant and clone to keep on a continuous production cycle, strain production/cutting schedule, IPM regiment, and feeding/fertigation scheduling.
  • Tristan has trained 30+ managers/supervisors/leads between a few states–training included how to operate/manage on the commercial scale of cannabis growing, harvesting, plant knowledge, and packaging–many did not have prior cannabis experience.
    • In 2020, Tristan helped his company make a profit of around $20 million–they have surpassed their profit in 2021 by at least $7 million.
  • Tristan helped design a high-tech 110,000+ sq. ft. vertical grow addition and also helped design the flower/veg/propagation room set up.
    • He designed the flow of the irrigation/fertigation room, planned plant capacity, and determined how many harvests they would have a week.
    • He also created and implemented a UV light system to help with general sanitization.

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