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Finance Professional
Establishing Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)


Relevant Skills

Reducing waste for expired products , Managing a tight cashflow budget, Maintaining 13 sets of books

Expertise Summary
  • Violet is a team-focused Finance Professional with 15+ years of experience ranging from startups to “big box” corporations.
  • As Controller for a cannabis company, Violet conducted quarterly evaluation & establishment of Cost of Goods Sold (COGs) for the company’s cultivation farm based on a per-harvest periodical.
    • These evaluations allowed the company to learn that the time/money spent raising plants from seed was detrimental for the cost per gram, leading to a partnership with a local grower.
  • Also, Violet managed a tight cashflow budget and communicated timely and efficiently on the status of all bank accounts, accrued expenses, such as tax, payroll & benefits, as well as the weeks AP for appropriate prioritization and planning.
    • She also maintained 13 sets of books for all entities including monthly consolidation of P&L/BS, from balancing and eliminations, for an accurate representation of company financial health.
    • Violet wore the HR hat for employee recruitment, onboarding, payroll & benefits administration, and documenting processes, creating employee handbooks and being a resource for all employees from filling out a W2 to finding an in-network healthcare provider .
  • Violet conducted weekly, monthly and same period prior year evaluations on sales.
    • By providing sound analytics, she was able to help reduce waste for expired products by 28% and right-size the tier inventory purchases by location based on what is selling from product to location.
    • Violet managed all banking and software relationships, including the ever-changing card processor to the POS & online inventory providers.
  • Violet is a team player as well as a leader and best when she is wearing multiple hats and is challenged to find solutions, whether it be making sure she’s making the best use of 280E deductions or staying abreast of current compliance regs.

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