Director of Cultivation
Organizing seed-to-sale production


Relevant Skills

Trialing and processing cannabis, Managing greenhouse crossing blocks, Managing cannabis production techniques

Expertise Summary
  • Wade spent the past 10+ years studying, planning, organizing, and managing projects and teams focused around vegetable, ornamental and medicinal crop and seed production both domestically and internationally.
    • He successfully organized seed-to-sale production of both cannabis flower and processed cannabis products, including all aspects of plant production, from sourcing seeds to fertigation and IPM program implementation.
  • Wade also managed greenhouse crossing blocks containing senior breeder’s advanced genetics used for international seed breeding programs. 
    • He is extremely proficient in trialing and processing both tomatoes and cannabis for production.
  • Wade has experience managing traditional cannabis production techniques applied in research labs, growth chambers, greenhouses, and fields. 
    • He also trained employees across multiple agricultural and horticultural construction positions.
  • Wade designed, installed, and managed irrigation layouts in both greenhouses and warehouses. 
    • He’s managed crops grown in rockwool, coir, peat-based soil, and many other types of grow media. 
    • Soilless production was his focus for years before transitioning to pro-mix and other peat-based soils for most projects.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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