Creating value through analysis and action across finance and accounting


Relevant Skills

Short-term and long-range strategic planning, Driving company acquisition efforts, Overseeing finance and operations

Expertise Summary
  • Wesley is a seasoned and strategically-minded CFO within the CBD space.
    • His responsibilities include creating value through analysis and action across finance and accounting, both short-term and long-range strategic planning, FP&A, accounting, supplier/finance relationships, cash flow management, enterprise risk management, legal, investor relations, internal controls, and systems implementations from start-up to present day.
  • During his 3 years at a CBD company, Wesley led multiple rounds of strategic raises, as well as a SPAC, through a global pandemic and internal restructuring efforts that resulted in the most profitable period in company history.
    • He developed and drove the company’s operational planning efforts, including strategic sales & partnerships, company acquisition efforts, and financial planning efforts that resulted in 300% sales growth and significant EBITDA expansion over 30 months, culminating in a successful transaction/exit.
  • Wesley oversaw finance and operations in the accelerated growth sports industry, which included supply planning, strategic planning, revenue, and demand planning for 120 product models/10,000 SKUs, mergers and acquisitions, tax, and all reporting.
  • Having served in key leadership roles in operations, finance, and sales, Wesley has driven departmental cross-functional efficiencies with a focus on maximizing overall enterprise value.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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