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Cannabis Product Manager
Overseeing production output and formulating cannabis products,

WileyKitchen manager keen on formulating various cannabis products

Relevant Skills

Implementing strategies to increase production output, Conducting pilots of new products, Overseeing small indoor and outdoor grows

Expertise Summary
  • Wiley is an experienced Cannabis Infused Product/Kitchen Production Manager with 4+ years of experience in the cannabis industry.
    • He first became passionate about cannabis products when attending New England Grass Roots Institute.
    • Then, he began formulating cannabis products in his kitchen while attending community college for small business management (cannabutter, tinctures, and ice water hash).
  • Wiley became the Operations Manager at a small startup, overseeing small indoor and outdoor grows and cooking and packing confectionery products.
    • He focused on making a hard candy without using corn syrup.
    • After 20+ batches, he perfected the process using granulated sugar, and it became a product that would be infused with CBD isolate and THC distillate.
  • Wiley was also an Edible Technician at a gummy lab and was promoted to Kitchen Manager within 10 months.
    • He helped grow his team from 4 employees to 10 employees and the new packaging department, building a team of 5.
    • He continued to be the hiring manager for both departments.
  • Wiley implemented strategies to continuously increase production output while they needed to decrease the number of employees working in the kitchen to align with COVID-19 safety protocols.
    • This included scheduling employees to work on a staggered schedule, moving to five 10-hour production days a week, and implementing a detailed schedule of production tasks and lead times to maximize their resources.
    • They increased daily production from 3 batches to 5 batches of gummies a day.
  • Wiley’s team went from average weekly production of ~8,250 20-pack units to an average of ~13,750.
    • They experienced over a 60% increase in production without an increase in labor hours other than his own.
    • At this point, all of the sites in the Eastern Region that were expanding into producing gummies started learning their production processes.
  • Wiley became a part of R&D’s cross-functional team to conduct the pilots of new products they were to produce as their in-the-field adviser on developing and updating the new product SOPs.
    • He has participated in 10+ pilots of new products that were conducted.
    • He became the sole formulator of all of their emulsions, which he trained 2 of his team members on.

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