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General Manager
Maintaining compliance and KPIs

WiltonGeneral Manager who excels in high-profile engagement

Relevant Skills

Guiding teams through high-stress situations, maintaining compliance, launch of high-profile brand collaborations

Expertise Summary
  • Wilton is currently the General Manager of a premier cannabis company with one of the highest volume dispensaries.
    • He managed 100+ associates, and the volume of the dispensary he finished last year was $60 million, gaining over $6 million.
  • Wilton’s responsibilities are to maintain the compliance, as defined by the state regulations, and the product (72,000 units on hand).
    • He also ensures the KPIs are maintained–P&L statement has increased over the 18 months he’s been with the company.
  • Wilton was also a District Manager from 1995-2018, leading a 23-team district to the #1 ranking among 105 nationwide in annual sales volume ($43M) in the midst of drastic shifts in the global omnichannel market.
    • His district was recognized as 1 of 8 to deliver positive growth for a Fortune 500 company in 2017.
    • He is also the recipient of the National Audit Award for achieving 0.19% shrink (vs. 0.50% company goal).
  • Wilton was chosen among the 105 management professionals to receive the National/Regional Coaches Award.
    • He delivered a standout performance in guiding the district through local tragedy that received extensive national press and created a sense of unrest.
    • He reassured the team, put security measures in places, and developed a response model adopted by other districts.
  • Wilton achieved 47% growth in annual revenue to $2.5M in 3 years, earning Manager of the Year (#1 among 25+ operations in sales, budget, and audit performance) and the Coaches Award (District MVP) honors.
    • His training and team management best practices were adopted across the district.
    • He was selected as an advisor for 4+ additional operations.
  • Wilton represented his company in major sales/promotional events nationwide, including major professional sports events, and the launch of high-profile sports brand collaborations.
    • He recruited to leverage the leadership and track record in the opening of 100+ new operations nationwide–key markets: New York City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver.

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