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Compliance Officer
Executive and Management, Compliance

WinnieChief Compliance Officer well-versed in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Comprehensive analysis of operations, developing remedial action plans, promoting consistency and better customer service

Expertise Summary
  • Winnie developed SOPs for retail, cultivation, distribution, delivery and manufacturing facilities.
    • She wrote white papers for cities on the cusp of allowing cannabis businesses.
    • She also created a cannabis division within a company that focused solely on liquor licensing.
  • Winnie won licenses in California, Nevada, Illinois, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Ohio.
    • She led the application and licensing framework for a cannabis startup and won them over 25 licenses (15 of which are currently operational).
    • She brought in over $400,000 to a business for a startup cannabis company’s licensing department.
  • Winnie is in charge of compliance activities for 7 dispensaries, 2 distribution facilities, 2 delivery companies and 2 cultivation facilities, which include 100+ employees.
  • Winnie developed remedial action plans if audit findings called for action.
    • She also oversaw the post-licensing phase, which included Conditional Use Permits, Minor Use Permits, CEQA, Traffic Generation, and Environmental Studies.
  • Winnie is well-versed in comprehensive analysis of operations, process improvement recommendations, and best practice introduction.
    • She developed weekly compliance training to promote consistency and better customer service across 10 dispensaries throughout one state.

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