Extraction Manager
Extraction, inventory tracking, and preparing samples

WinstonCannabis extraction lab manager creating higher-quality product

Relevant Skills

Managing an extraction laboratory, Introducing an internal inventory tracking system, Developing upgraded solvent delivery and storage system

Expertise Summary
  • Winston is an environmentally focused, future thinking engineer and Extraction Laboratory Manager.
    • He acquired a wealth of knowledge managing an extraction laboratory for a cannabis company for 3.5 years and earning a BS in Chemical Engineering.
  • Winston started during the first harvest in the cannabis industry at one of the first 12 growers/processors.
    • He introduced an internal inventory system tracking recently harvested material through the extraction process to primary packaging.
  • Winston also experimented with multiple media to refine the cannabis oil, producing a higher quality product for the consumer.
    • He ended on a media that, once refined, came to a THCa purity of up to 99.97% (determined by a 3rd party lab).
    • He was responsible for developing an upgraded solvent delivery and storage system for a more efficient, safe, and sustainable hydrocarbon extraction.
  • Winston worked closely with the inventory team to continuously upgrade and improve the flow of the tracking system when it came to audits and testing.
  • Winston handled the preparation of samples sent out for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to determine the potency of cannabinoids and terpene profiles.
  • Winston made the desired product mix to be sold.
    • Products had various textures and consistencies in rotation to keep a steady flow of new products (badder, sugar, resin, sand, wax, shatter, etc.).

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