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Business Growth Pro
Strategic planning and brand creation/development

ZanderBusiness Growth Professional ready to take brands to the next level

Relevant Skills

Analytical market evaluations, growth strategies and implementation, brand creation & development

Expertise Summary
  • Zander is a pertinacious Business Growth Professional with a 2+ decade history of building some of the world’s most recognized brands, talent, and consumer products.
    • He specializes in analytical market evaluations for strategic planning, brand creation & development, marketing and business growth strategies and implementation, data analytics, architect sales, and project management.
  • Zander is a globally-recognized agent of change and an industry leader since the early 2010s.
    • He has designed and implemented innovative strategies to effectively enable business growth and industry position for clients within the whole plant hemp and cannabis industry.
    • He has worked with top brands in the sports retail, music, and cannabis industries.
  • Zander is experienced in project management, creative development, sales team development, supply chain management, media buying, SEO, SEM, SMO, CRM and web & data analytics.
  • Zander has led the strategy and implementation of digital and terrestrial marketing campaign needs across all creative, manufacturing, retail, social media, mobile and brick & mortar sales channels for various clients.
  • Zander oversaw the development of marketing strategy documents while developing benchmark criteria to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs.
    • He also has experience monitoring budgets to ensure effective control of campaigns and profitability of all releases.

2022 Tri-State Cannabis Salary Guide

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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