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Coronavirus and Cannabis: Best Tips for Your Dispensary 

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As the coronavirus rips through the economy, the outlook of the cannabis industry is uncertain. This global pandemic is forcing businesses to make difficult decisions and take on challenges they aren’t ready for. Fortunately, the cannabis industry is accustomed to making adjustments, as flexibility is required to excel in the space. 

When it comes to the coronavirus and cannabis, making proper adjustments will help your company grow through the chaos. We’re in this together, so we’d like to help in any way we can. To assist your company in dealing with the coronavirus impact, we’ve put together the five best practices to secure your cannabis dispensary during the coronavirus crisis. 

Use Temporary Employees

Without a doubt, cannabis businesses that provide delivery or online ordering services will see an increase in demand in the next few months. To support the increase in demand for marijuana, you can utilize temporary employees. Temp workers are available right away–as fast as 24 hours–and they require minimal training. And with flexible contracts, you can hire them for a few weeks to several months. For cannabis companies that remain open to the public during the coronavirus pandemic, temporary employees can provide additional help. They can also pick up the slack of staff on sick leave, so you can operate at full capacity. 

Make Medical Cannabis Patients a Priority

Many people want cannabis more than ever during this time of crisis, but those who need medical cannabis should be your main focus. You can take a page from the playbook of grocery stores that are opening their doors to their most vulnerable customers first by prioritizing medical cannabis patients. If necessary, you can even pause the sale of adult-use cannabis to focus on medical marijuana sales. There are eight cannabis dispensary locations in Chicago that have temporarily suspended adult-use cannabis sales during these unprecedented times. 

Encourage Online Cannabis Orders

We’re learning that hand sanitizer and toilet paper aren’t the only hot commodities on the market right now. People are turning to cannabis and CBD products to help them preserve their sanity during this time of coronavirus quarantine. Not to mention, many people are working from home right now, so encouraging online cannabis orders is a no brainer. Shift your marketing to promote online orders and/or your delivery service, encouraging people to stay home as much as possible. For example, you can create “online only” or “delivery only” deals.

Practice Strict Social Distancing & Sanitation 

Whether your cannabis dispensary is open to the public or it’s just your employees at your establishment, strict social distancing and sanitation can’t be stressed enough. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) strongly suggest six feet of separation between people. Additionally, you should sanitize high-touch areas frequently, decrease touch points between clients and employees, and increase the efficiency of your checkout process to get people in-and-out fast. And if any of your staff is feeling ill, send them home immediately.

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We’re Here to Help 

Although we’re sitting at home–like most of America–we are here to help the cannabis industry during the coronavirus outbreak. We can provide you with a variety of temporary employees in cannabis to assist you during this stressful time. Contact Victoria, our VP of Temp Services, at for more information. 

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