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Temp Employees Can Help the Cannabis Industry Survive COVID-19

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The coronavirus is affecting businesses of all sizes, from small establishments to the world’s biggest tech companies, like Apple. People are being asked to stay home and companies are closing their doors, tightening revenue opportunities. 

In facing this crisis, cannabis employers are no different. However, there is a very good option for you to help ease the pain: temporary employees. Making this pivot in using temp talent could save your business. 

Using Temp Employees to Endure Coronavirus Downturn

Short-term hires can help your cannabis company in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at how temp workers can help your legal marijuana establishment endure during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Affordable Assistance

New hires can be costly and time-consuming during this downswing. According to Recruiterbox, the average cost of hiring one new employee is $5,000. Factor in the hiring process and training, and you’ll be spending time and money you may not be able to afford right now. If the full-time candidate is worth it, then consider onboarding them. If not, try temp talent. Temps are employed by a staffing firm or agency, so your company doesn’t have to deal with any of the hassles of onboarding regular employees. They’re experts in their field and can start making a difference right away.

2. Flexible Contracts

Nobody knows how long the coronavirus threat will last, which makes the use of temporary hires more appealing. You get to decide how long a temporary employee is on board, as they can be hired for a few days to several months or more. Most temporary hires are available right away, so you can address any urgent needs of your company quickly. And if you find a temp hire worth keeping in the long run, you have the option of offering them a full-time position when the coronavirus turmoil simmers down. 

3. Access to New Skills

Fresh perspectives are helpful when business is tested by unforeseen obstacles like the coronavirus. Temp employees can provide your company with new skills to keep things moving. With a fresh take or talent that’s outside the wheelhouse of your team’s area of expertise, you can discover novel ways to pivot and maintain steady cannabis sales during the coronavirus downturn. Your company has a better chance of adapting and finding creative solutions with the introduction of new talent. 

4. Dealing with Leaves of Absence

If any of your employees are sick or in quarantine as a precaution, temp employees can pick up the slack. The CDC strongly recommends a 14-day quarantine if infected, so signing on temp hires for a couple of weeks ensures that your business can continue to run smoothly during any leaves of absence. 

5. Boost of Morale

Morale is low in every industry with the coronavirus crisis looming. If your employees have to take on longer shifts or wear too many hats, there’s a high possibility that your staff will burn out. Bringing in temporary assistance can help your core team stay content and productive, improving the mood of the work environment. 

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Temporary Employees: A Brief History

Using temporary workers isn’t a new idea, as the use of temps dates back to postwar America with a company called the Kelly Girl Service in Detroit run by William Kelly. The company sent out female workers to companies in need of typing and accounting services, advertising them as temporary low-maintenance and affordable help. The economic downturn of the 1970s led to the expansion of temp workers, and they eventually became a lasting feature in our modern economy. Today, cannabis companies will need to call upon the temp workforce to ensure their viability during the coronavirus scare. 

In-Demand & On-Demand Temp Employees

We don’t know what to expect when the dust settles, but CannabizTemp can help your company by providing the best source of temporary employees in the cannabis industry. Contact Victoria, our VP of Temp Services, at for more information. 

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