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Illinois budtender training course for certification
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Illinois Cannabis Dispensary Agent Training – Responsible Vendor Certification

  • This course is required to be completed in order to obtain a dispensary agent card and will fulfill the 2 hours of mandated responsible vendor training.
  • You can rest assure that with this course you are being properly trained and equipped with information, tools, skills, and the certification needed to maintain legal compliance and safely operate as a Licensed Dispensary Agent within the Illinois cannabis industry.
  • Expect to take a final exam in the end. You’ll need to score a minimum of 80% on the final to pass so feel free to take notes.

What is HB1438?

  • The State of Illinois has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis use; understanding the details of the Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act (HB1438) is important.
  • The Cannabis Regulation & Tax Act (HB1438) governs everything from employee certifications, age requirements for purchase to licensing for dispensaries and growers.
  • A critical part of this law is requiring anyone who wants to work in the Illinois cannabis industry to have received eight hours of training annually and a minimum of two of those training hours spent on a responsible vendor program training.
  • *Below is a link to the full context of HB1438 Law
  • Illinois General Assembly – Full Text of HB1438 (

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