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San Diego Pride Week: LGBTQ Events

LGBTQ Pride flags waving for San Diego Pride Week

When it comes to inclusion, the cannabis industry needs to improve like everyone else. However, we believe the cannabis industry should set an example for inclusivity. After all, the cannabis plant is symbolic of connecting with others, advocacy, and social change. Striving to be a more equality-driven organization, we’d like to shine a deserved spotlight on San Diego Pride Week. We celebrate and support the LGBTQ community and will help in the continued fight for equality in the workforce and beyond. 

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many so far, there have been some encouraging moments. One of them is the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic ruling that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects gay, lesbian, and transgender employees from discrimination based on sex. Alongside that triumphant moment is the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw people in all 50 states protest for racial equality. The Black Lives Matter movement has always been connected to the LGBTQ community. Jewelle Gomez, an LGBTQ activist and award-winning author, said, “there’s an absolute connection between Black Lives Matter and Pride because we are ‘each other’s.’ There is no separation between who we are because what affects one affects the other.” 

Although the pandemic continues, Pride Week isn’t going anywhere. For safety purposes, San Diego will be celebrating Pride Week virtually this year.There are plenty of LGBTQ movers and shakers in the cannabis industry, and we should push for their visibility and recognition every chance we get. Here are all the ways you can celebrate Pride Week: 

Light Up the Cathedral

Witness the Cathedral’s ceremonial rainbow lighting virtually to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Date: July 15, 2020

Time: 7:00 pm 

Click here for more information

Spirit of Stonewall Rally 

The roots of the worldwide Pride movement can be traced back to the Stonewall riots of 1969–an uprising against police brutality. So, San Diego will celebrate the Spirit of Stonewall Rally to honor the achievements of those who led the way before us. 

Date: July 17, 2020

Time: 7:00 pm 

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Pride 5K

Register for the virtual 5K walk/run and choose your route, start time, and pace. You can participate on your own or form a team!

Register here

Pride Live

Pride Parade and Festival Day will happen virtually with Pride Live: Together We Rise. The event will showcase leaders, volunteers, elected officials, businesses, entertainers, and community organizations. 

Date: July 18, 2020 

Time: 10:00 am 

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