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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Cannabis Consultant

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In the past few years, the need for cannabis consultants has grown, as the industry continues to expand. And it’s no surprise since cannabis advisors can help take your business to greater heights. However, not all cannabis consultants are created equally. 

The gamut of cannabis consultants is all over the place. Therefore, our cannabis staffing team would like to provide you with essential tips on how to choose the best cannabis consultant for your company. Taking a look at the pool of candidates, it’s wider and deeper than you might expect. And, just like cannabis brands, everyone you meet will claim they’re the best. So, let’s take a look at how you can choose the best professional cannabis advisor for your business. 

Types of Cannabis Consultants

Before we get into what to consider when choosing the best cannabis consultant for your organization, let’s take a look at the types of advisors available. Here are a few of the common cannabis advisors out there:

Business Cannabis Consultants: Typically, cannabis business advisors help companies in the early stages build their cannabis business from the ground up. Also, they guide established businesses to navigate the operational and legal fields of the space.  

Medical Cannabis Consultants: Medical consultants will help with suggesting plans for cannabis consumption based on patient ailments, facilitate tracking dosages, and provide assistance with strain selection. Since there are hundreds of cannabis strains, a medical cannabis consultant is especially beneficial when deciphering which strains deliver the desired results. 

Cultivation Cannabis Consultants: Expert cultivators will help you avoid missteps in your grow operation, so you can increase profits. From construction of a grow room to wholesale distributions, cannabis cultivation consultants can ensure things run smoothly. 

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1. Find Consultants For Your Specific Needs

A common mistake is to choose the most prominent name in cannabis consulting with an all-in-one service. Be cautious of any company that claims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your advising needs across all verticals of the cannabis industry. Take the time to write down and discuss your company’s specific needs, so you can choose a cannabis consultant that’s knowledgeable and experienced in the appropriate field. Additionally, analyze what success looks like for your company, which helps you to identify what kind of advising you need. Note that it may be more beneficial to hire multiple cannabis consultants if you need assistance in a few areas. The cost of multiple advisors may be expensive upfront, but it may save from headaches and wasting money in the long run. Consulting companies that claim they do it all–at a more affordable price– may be promising something they can’t deliver. 

2. Research Relationships With Past Clients

It’s always a good idea to research the history of a cannabis consultant, even if they were referred to you by a trusted colleague. Search for reviews, check out their website and peruse their social media accounts–especially LinkedIn. You can even go as far as requesting a list of their past clients. And, if you want to be thorough, you can contact those past clients to ask questions about their experience with the cannabis consultant. Think of it as checking the references for a potential new employee. Avoid rushing through the process and dig deeper to seek honest reviews for the advisor you’re eyeing. Your goal is to hire the best consultant for your needs the first time around. 

3. Think Twice Before Paying With Equity

It’s a common trend for cannabis consultants to ask for equity within the company instead of a standard payment. Although this may seem simple and straightforward, this could lead to problems in the future. The advisor may be a partial owner of other cannabis companies similar to yours, which means they will run into conflicts of interest scenarios. And, there’s a possibility the equity may breach local ownership laws. Not to mention, you don’t want to lose sleep over the possibility of an advisor using your organization to benefit another. Typically, when a cannabis consultant asks for equity as payment, it’s a red flag. However, if you happen to offer equity as payment, do thorough research to ensure the integrity of the consultant’s operation. 

4. Discuss Promised Results 

Learn the process of the cannabis consultant, and ask them to explain how they plan on reaching their promised results. A trustworthy advisor should be transparent about their methods and willing to explain their approach. The consultant is accountable for working together with you in producing results and not just an analysis report. Additionally, if they’re passionate about their job, they should hone in on what’s possible for your company and has the best potential for making a positive impact. Sticking to a playbook isn’t always suitable for certain situations. The advisor should take the time to learn about your company and adjust their process accordingly. 

5. Ask About Your Competition 

Cannabis consultants are popular in the industry, so you’ll likely work with one that has collaborated with at least one of your competitors before. It’s vital that you ask about your competition and if they’ve worked or are currently working with any of them. You don’t want a cannabis consultant who is nearing the limit for their amount of business licenses. Additionally, you want to avoid any conflicts of interest. Finding a consultant who has experience in the field you need assistance in, isn’t working with competitors, and isn’t spread too thin is ideal. It may take some effort in tracking down an advisor who ticks off all those boxes, but it’s worth it to avoid frustration and protect your proprietary information from competitors. 

6. Communication 

As with any relationship, communication is essential. Discuss the cannabis consultant’s approach to communication and feedback loops. Promising cannabis consultants should have enough time to balance all their client tasks and still respond promptly to your questions. Additionally, they should have a set schedule to touch base with you, even if they’re just checking in to see if you have any concerns. And, if they mention that they’re open to feedback in their communication process, that’s a big plus. Everyone communicates differently, so their willingness to adapt to your preferences is commendable. However, you should also be open to feedback, so the business relationship is as strong as possible. 

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