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Leadership Advice In Cannabis With Vince Ning

Podcast episode on leadership

On this week’s episode of The Aim Higher Podcast, Liesl Bernard, founder and CEO of CannabizTeam, chats with Vince Ning, founder and CEO of NABIS Distribution. NABIS Distribution is a premier distributor of cannabis products, serving hundreds of licensed companies in sunny California. They equip brands with a fast and efficient distribution network and software platform. As a result, brands can easily ship wholesale orders within 36 hours.

Vince discusses leadership in the cannabis industry, including the lessons that helped him grow. For Vince, the road to becoming a leader in cannabis included building startups in Silicon Valley and getting behind the wheel as a delivery driver for medical cannabis products. Additionally, Vince breaks down the key differences between working in cannabis as opposed to more traditional industries. And, he also talks about what he looks for when hiring talent. Whether you’re thinking about starting a business in cannabis or already have, this episode is filled with useful advice.

Check out a snippet of episode 6 of The Aim Higher Podcast right here:

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