The Positive Intentions Behind Mary Jane’s Medicinals with CEO and Founder Dahlia Mertens

by Nov 12, 2020The Aim Higher Podcast

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Dahlia Mertens, the founder and CEO of Mary Jane’s Medicinals, joins The Aim Higher Podcast. Her Colorado-based company is an industry leader in topical healing products. Dahlia’s products are made with the belief that “wisdom is in the plant” and the utmost care. For example, they use an infusion process to make their cannabis topicals.

Dahlia Mertens joins the podcast to share how she founded her company. She dives into how her past experiences, including her background in massage therapy and theater, helped her become a successful business leader in the cannabis industry. Also, she discusses how her positive intention and energy manifest themselves in her products. Lastly, Dahlia talks about the unique challenges she faces as an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry and what she looks for when bringing in new executives to her company. If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, tuning in to this podcast with Dahlia will help you elevate your company. 

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