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CannabizTeam CEO Makes 2021 Cannabis Staffing Predictions for Forbes

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Julie Weed, a best-selling author and prominent journalist covering the cannabis industry, recently wrote an article for Forbes rounding up predictions for cannabis and hemp in 2021. Weed spoke with a variety of entrepreneurs in the cannabis space – including CannabizTeam’s CEO, Liesl Bernard – to learn more about their areas of expertise and thoughts on the cannabis industry as we head into a new year. 

Predictions for the cannabis industry in 2021 include:

  • Federal legalization could happen depending on Georgia’s senate election
  • Testing in the hemp industry will continue to mature 
  • The industry hiring boom will continue in 2021
  • We can expect to see more women in cannabis designing products specifically for women

Liesl’s predictions are regarding the cannabis job market in 2021. Legalization continues to spread, and revenue in legal states continues to grow exponentially. Cannabis is a labor-intensive market, and there are cannabis careers from seed to sale for all education and experience levels. Horticulture experts, retail workers, professional service providers, marketers, and security personnel are all needed for the industry to find success. 

The article states: “Liesl Bernard predicts that Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota, which recently voted to allow recreational use, will be adding tens of thousands of new cannabis-related jobs as licenses are granted and regulations are adopted. High demand jobs as the new market rolls out will be in retail, manufacturing cultivation, financial services and legal help.” 

To read the article by Julie Weed for yourself, visit:

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