Developing a Cannabis Brand Approachable To a Mainstream Audience with Adrian Sedlin

by Dec 10, 2020The Aim Higher Podcast

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Adrian Sedlin, CEO and Founder of Canndescent, joins The Aim Higher Podcast on episode 9. Canndescent is a cannabis company focused on creating premium goods. They are known for their luxurious cannabis products created in five signature effects: Calm, Cruise, Connect, and Charge. Without a doubt, Adrian has a wealth of valuable experience to share. So, for those in the industry or individuals looking to make the transition, you can’t miss this episode! 

Recently, Adrian launched a new brand, Justice Joints, which is a collaboration with the Last Prisoner Project. The brand donates all of its profits to social justice causes within the cannabis industry. On the podcast, Adrian discusses how he developed the Canndescent brand, delving into how his goal was to make the brand more approachable to a mainstream audience. Also, he reflects on the importance of balancing excellence with gratitude and how he works from a perspective of thankfulness daily. Lastly, Adrian discusses the Last Prisoner Project and the responsibility cannabis industry leaders have to help provide a second chance for non-violent cannabis offenders that paved the way. They are deserving of cannabis industry jobs and should receive the support of the entire community. 

Check out a snippet of episode 9 right here:

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