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CannabizTeam Talks to Cannabis Culture About Social Equity and Employment in the Cannabis Industry

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Our fearless leader, Liesl Bernard, recently spoke with Jennifer Betz of Cannabis Culture about the realities of criminal justice and reform in the cannabis industry. Cannabis Culture is an online magazine in the cannabis and hemp industry recognized for its high-standard journalism and coverage of cannabis-related politics, activism, entertainment and more. 

Betz begins the article by telling the story of Matt Brown and Natalie DePriest, two justice impacted individuals who are struggling with building livelihood after non-violent cannabis convictions. The article continues on to discuss how the cannabis industry can find a way forward and work to reform the system.

“We teamed up with the Last Prisoner Project and started our Aim Higher Program to elevate what we do through a social equity lens,” says Liesl. “I believe there is definitely a level of compassion and empathy, especially in the cannabis industry, for individuals with marijuana-related charges on their record.” 

In partnership with the Last Prisoner Project, CannabizTeam launched the Aim Higher Program and is in the process of finalizing a training program that will support justice impacted individuals through the re-entry process by helping them find employment in the cannabis industry and achieve stability. The program will “help prisoners with their resume, work with them on the cannabis interview process, and how to dress,” says Liesl. Part of the program also involves CannabizTeam securing relationships with businesses in the cannabis industry willing to give justice impacted individuals a chance. 

The article concludes with the following: “While organizations like The Last Prisoner Project work with companies like CannabizTeam, and websites like and help people coming out of the system get their lives back, true change boils down to the federal level and reform needs to be universal.”

Reach out to our team to learn more about CannabizTeam’s Aim Higher Program and how you can participate in the fight for criminal justice reform.

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