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Using Cannabis To Enhance Creativity with Shawn Gold of Pilgrim Soul

Employee using cannabis to spark her creative writing after work

On The Aim Higher Podcast this week, Liesl Bernard, CEO of CannabizTeam, is joined by Shawn Gold, founder of Pilgrim Soul. Pilgrim Soul’s mission is to optimize an individual’s creativity to gain a competitive edge in business and everyday life. The company works with the best creative minds out there to make products and content that stir high-level creative thinking. 

Shawn is a veteran leader in the marketing world, as he was previously the CMO at Myspace. In episode 8, Shawn discusses how Pilgrim Soul’s products help people focus and enhance their creativity in safe, effective ways. Additionally, he dives into building a cannabis brand from an entrepreneurial perspective, the significance of a brand’s story, and his thoughts on the future of cannabis brands. Also, he takes some time to share a few of his favorite books and inspirations for keeping his creativity sharp as a cannabiz entrepreneur. If you’re in the cannabis industry or looking to transition into the space, Shawn’s thoughts and advice are worth a listen. 

Check out a preview of episode 8, as Shawn discusses the importance of creativity:


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