CEO Liesl Bernard Interviewed for “Women Leading the Cannabis Industry” Series with Authority Magazine

by Dec 9, 2020CannabizTeam Press

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CannabizTeam’s CEO and Founder, Liesl Bernard, recently spoke with Candice Georgiadis of Authority Magazine for the magazine’s “Women Leading the Cannabis Industry” series. Authority Magazine is a Medium publication devoted to sharing empowering and actionable stories from authorities in business, film, sports and technology. The “Women Leading the Cannabis Industry” series features interviews with strong women leaders in the cannabis space. 

Some of Candice’s key business takeaways from her conversation with Liesl included:

  • Stay connected with your target audience
  • Find out what your customers pain points are in the current market
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of the industry – the market changes rapidly

Liesl starts with a brief background about what brought her to the cannabis industry: “A cannabis company approached me in San Diego to help them search for an exceptional CFO, but my employer at the time told me it was “firm policy” that employees could not assist clients in the cannabis industry. That stunned me, as these were businesses licensed by state governments. The opportunity was right there, so I jumped on it. Now, CannabizTeam is the premier cannabis executive search and staffing firm in the world.” 

The interview continues to touch on a variety of important cannabis topics, like:

  • How society and businesses can support greater gender parity in the industry
  • Advice for newcomers to find success in the cannabis industry
  • Exciting and concerning trends within the cannabis space
  • The federal legalization of cannabis 

Liesl concludes the interview with the following thought: “Focusing on giving people good jobs and helping them find purpose and passion again – especially during the pandemic – is the greatest opportunity we have to make a difference. It is truly what drives my team. The cannabis industry is booming and there are so many new cannabis career opportunities budding everywhere. We are working in one of the very few industries that is continuing to grow, and we have an opportunity to create hope and change globally.” 

To read the entire interview, visit:

Liesl’s interview was also published on Thrive Global, which is an online publication leading the global conversation about well-being and performance:

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