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For episode 11 of The Aim Higher Podcast, we have Arian Roman, Founder and CEO of Alysida Health. At Alysida Health, their track and trace tech securely connects and protects decentralized data. Alysida Health serves supply chains across nutraceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and public health. Arian’s goals are streamlining the consumer experience, getting rid of the cannabis stigma, and educating users on the next generation of supply chain demands. 

In episode 11 of The Aim Higher Podcast, Arian discusses how his biology studies at MIT and his background in the Puerto Rican community led to the cannabis industry. Arian is also joined by his Alysida Health teammates, Cynthia Heinz and William Clark. Together, they discuss their interdisciplinary approach to health and a few exciting new things in development for Alysida Health. 

Check out a preview of Arian Roman’s episode on The Aim Higher Podcast:

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